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Deeply learned and carefully argued, these articles evidence Trinkaus's extraordinary gift for explicating the complex theological and philosophical arguments of leading humanists and setting them in intellectual context.
Jesus: The Complete Story'' trots out a lot of computer re-creations of towns of the era, chatter from archaeologists telling us how different digs vaguely relate to Jesus, theologists explicating Bible stories and banal speculation on which relatives Joseph might have visited in Bethlehem and fishing practices circa A.
A great deal of Tilly's problem in briefly explicating his ideas flows from the enormous nature of the change proposed.
In explicating these techniques, Anglo expertly makes his way through a mass of technical t erminology, distinguishing between practical and implausible techniques, establishing differences among national traditions, and measuring change over time.
The rhyme scheme is uniquely disrupted here, and although Raylor's note explicating the reference seems to lay doubt aside, some lingering incongruities remain in the ensuing text.
The story of how the ideals of democracy came to Athens is variously interrupted by protracted tangents explicating Greek pottery, olive oil and the original Olympics - all legitimate topics, but described here as if for very young or very dim viewers.
The rhetorical burden of the volume is to negotiate the complex, shifting terrain of wonder, at once explicating the unfamiliar grounds of early-modern experience while sustaining for the modern reader something of its mystifying strangeness.
With the exception of Perry's excellent and detailed account of Catalina de Erauzo, a nun who became a soldier in sixteenth-century Spain, served in the New World, and, when exposed, was permitted to keep her masculine garb and a royal pension to boot; Burshatin's dramatic reading of the inquisitorial trial of Eleno/Elena de Cespedes and his rendering of his/her tribulations as a hermaphrodite; and Lipton's richly contextualized study of Peter II of Aragon -- the contributions concentrate on explicating literary texts.
Her concern for defining and explicating individual works takes precedence over contextual matters, and understandably, therefore, it is sometimes hard to see the woods for the trees.
But Barbour is perhaps at his very best in explicating the kind of theological debate that took place at York House in February of 1626 between John Preston and Richard Montagu, where he shows a finely nuanced sense of the advantages and costs to either side of invoking Stoic doctrine concerning the pneuma as it pervades and mixes with the material world.
Explicating the first stage, Tracy argues that Erasmus opposed norms quintessential to the Low Countries by shifting to the classicizing norms of Italian humanism.