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Saiber provides a number of geometric illustrations from Bruno's works (the memory wheel from De umbris; and the combinatoric chart from Explicatio, to name a couple), which link Bruno to the Lullian and Kabbalist traditions, but, most importantly, reveal how the Nolan's inventive spirit aspired to an amplification of the various "means to obtaining knowledge and understanding (59).
The triad of complicatio, explicatio and implicatio is a trinity of folds and foldings: of enfolding (complicatio), unfolding (explicatio) and infolding (implicatio), a reading clearly referencing the pli or fold at the heart of each term.
Explicatio connexionis et ordinis totius Summae Theologiae D.
On the other hand, the pedagogical premise of Understanding Dante may not entice those experienced dantisti who relish the implicatio and complicatio of Dante's work perhaps as much or more than its basic explicatio.
This is an insightful new study by a gifted linguist and sensitive literary imagist sleuthing through a large corpus of texts and visualizations to present a poetically complex myth explicatio, spiraling outward from benign phantasia to disturbing psychomachia.
Equally lucid in this explicatio is that out of all possible symbols (magical, astrological, religious, celestial, theatrical, chemical, mineral, bestial, or botanical) with which to associate himself, Della Porta chose the compass.
His first imprint was a sermon by Father Francisco de Quinones, and his first book-length work was Bishop Enriquez de Rivera's monumental Explicatio Apologetica Nonnullarum Proposititionum a Theologo Quandam Non Dextere Notatarum, a theological treatise in 710 pages.
vii), the Sheik Yusuf says that the work here completed began with the project to gather and translate the fragments of the early theologians and goes on somewhat wistfully to remark that "fur alle jene in der letzten Generation herangewachsenen Islamkundler und Arabisten, die kein Wort Deutsch verstehen, ist diese Ubersetzung vermutlich nur eine explicatio ignoti per ignotius" (and a great number of them know less Latin than German); and, unfortunately, the same is true of the main study.