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Selon un passager ayant effectue son enregistrement depuis 12h30 et jusqu'a 19h00, aucune explication ni information n'a ete donnee aux passagers dont le nombre est estime a une cinquantaine de personnes.
Developing a satisfying NSM explication, especially for a very complex concept, involves a protracted struggle to find ways of formulating ideas in the small vocabulary of the simple translatable metalanguage.
Relentless, the beat of explication goes on to this day: Sloterdijk highlights a project paper, developed by the US Department of Defense in 1996, titled "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025," which looks forward to "battlefield dominance" through ionosphere control.
This is a richly rewarding explication of American myth and racial politics that speaks to our time as well as to the century-old record it examines.
The tenuous relationship between John Leland and the Primitive Baptists needs further explication.
It shines in the authors' explication of Tillich's thought on idolatry and the very adept application of that critique to the Christian tradition, including Tillich's own neglect of the potential for hidden idolatry in God-language.
Bloom puts it succinctly: "[Shakespeare] wrote the text of modern life and he defies explication.
Schwartz's text, written for college students, tends to sacrifice rasa, of flavor, for explication.
Covey breaks this down in a step-by-step explication that goes on for nearly 400 pages and supplements that with a DVD that provides narratives related to his instruction.
She eschews anything that resembles explication de texte and instead relies upon the prosecutorial-conspiratorial musings of Semyon Reznik.
Although Lhamon's explication of Jim Crow's evolution into a nineteenth-century "hip-hop" rebel is beautifully developed, the book could benefit from a documented history of how the "rebel" image of Jim Crow the integrationist became the symbol for segregation.