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Developing a satisfying NSM explication, especially for a very complex concept, involves a protracted struggle to find ways of formulating ideas in the small vocabulary of the simple translatable metalanguage.
The latter, I believe, fits much better with the missiological insights of the late Paul Hiebert and his explication of a "bounded-set" versus a "centered-set" mentality.
That foundation's roots in vision, how I see and how I am seen, provides the controlling metaphor for Beals' explication of Levinasian terminology in general as well as for his examination of the phrases constituting his central sentence concerning 'the wisdom of love' in particular.
Relentless, the beat of explication goes on to this day: Sloterdijk highlights a project paper, developed by the US Department of Defense in 1996, titled "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025," which looks forward to "battlefield dominance" through ionosphere control.
Hardin's contribution to Hume studies comes chiefly in the use of game theory as a basis for the explication of Hume's account of moral and political phenomena.
He grounds his explication in Luke's gospel (10:38-42), referring also to John (12:1-8) and making reference to the "long tradition of biblical commentary" that separates the sisters' two modes of life into "active and contemplative" or "temporal and eternal" realms.
I shall elaborate more on this when I discuss explication below.
These are relatively minor quibbles, and there is much to value in Hepp's explication of the spaces the middle class established for themselves and the 'personal geographies' of individual Philadelphians, particularly in their reactions to early twentieth century changes in urban geography.
Though played amiably by Jason Graae, this nonsinging role stops the action only to offer obvious plot explication and useless details about the composer's life.
The tenuous relationship between John Leland and the Primitive Baptists needs further explication.
It shines in the authors' explication of Tillich's thought on idolatry and the very adept application of that critique to the Christian tradition, including Tillich's own neglect of the potential for hidden idolatry in God-language.
Bloom puts it succinctly: "[Shakespeare] wrote the text of modern life and he defies explication.