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Both authors have extensive experience with collaboratively developing complex explications, sometimes of unfamiliar cultural concepts, using the NSM approach.
Beals pursues this interpretation through an explication of a central statement of Levinas: 'philosophy is the wisdom of love at/in the service of love' (Otherwise Than Being or Beyond Essence, 162), a discussion of the role of visibility, invisibility, and the secret of Gyges in Levinas' philosophy, and examinations of examples from Holocaust testimonies.
If ambiguity provides the key to this puzzle, then all other explications and all inferences from the available historical evidence with respect to actual or potential threats to, vulnerabilities of, the actual economic, financial or social decline, success or survival of nations, organizations and individuals would have to be false, insufficient or irrelevant rather than best explanations in given circumstances.
I shall elaborate more on this when I discuss explication below.
Moreover, requiring students to examine secondary resources in this manner, to make state-of-studies oral presentations, and to write several explications related to two novels has actually resulted in their becoming far better readers of fiction than in courses where I have guided them through a whirlwind of five, six, or seven novels.
thesis, "Notes Toward an Explication of Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian," at the University of North Carolina, and over the next few years he privately distributed it in revised forms to interested scholars.
MOSCOU PROTESTE La Russie, fidele alliee du regime de Bachar al Assad, a demande des explications a la Turquie, pays membre de l'Otan.
Further, the careful clarity of his explications will open these works for other readers.
Le responsable indien a visite par la suite le musee du moudjahid ou des explications lui ont ete fournies sur les differentes etapes de l'histoire de l'Algerie, notamment la guerre de Liberation nationale.
Pedagogical materials containing linguistic and rhetorical notes, historical, geographical, mythological explications are all means to an end: a discovering of the moral meaning of the poem, an illumination of its allegorical significance in Christian terms.
His own explications often illustrate what many would call the traditional values taught by these proverbs, and the discussion by his informants clearly indicates their sense of the values inherent in some of them.
Mme Tran Thanh Kiem, qui etait accompagnee de la ministre de la Solidarite nationale, de la Famille et de la Condition feminine, Mounia Meslem, a recu des explications sur les pieces archeologiques que renferme le musee qui a ouvert ses portes en 1955.