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But he is indeed the explicator of the moral message: before the king enters dying at the end of the play, he foreshadows the fate that the king deserves: "He hath shed so much blood that his wil be shed: / If it come so to passe, in faith then he is sped" (1151-2).
Meanwhile, amid the barrels and loops of her nightly dream-sorties and round-the-clock exertions in the soldierly interest, Midge becomes the unlikely explicator of a devastating satire on the myth of Soviet might during World War II.
Application In my analysis of MacDiarmid's poem "From In the Fall" in an article published in The Explicator (Mansour 45), I found a very subtle contradiction in the text.
He has gone, one might say, from explicator to gnostic namer, from the secular, discursive Horatian thinker-poet to a more compressed priest-like voice, intent on Mystery.
A highly-skilled explicator of early modern writing, Goldberg presents stunning readings of a series of texts now familiar to anyone at all knowledgeable about women's writing of the period.
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To an explicator, all knowledge is normative and situated, is "always expressed in specific historical contexts" (6), and seeks to retrieve tradition for practical purposes in the present.
Her work has appeared in Humor: The International Journal of Humor Research, American Studies, Composition Studies, Writing on the Edge, JAC, The Explicator, Composition Forum, Studies in American Jewish Fiction, and Teaching English in the Two-Year College.
It is the explicator who needs the incapable and not the other way around; it is he who constitutes the incapable as such.
He also implemented an organizational name change (from the Museum of American Financial History to the Museum of American Finance) to appeal to a broader audience and better reflect the Museum's role as an interpreter and explicator of current financial issues.
Sheryl Craig has published in Persuasions, The Explicator, Jane Austen's Regency World, and on The Jane Austen Centre's and Chawton House Library's websites.
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