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The logic of self-legitimation of the explicator runs: 'Until [the teacher] came along, the child has been groping blindly, figuring out riddles.
In any case, I start with the term "comedy," a word many an explicator has wondered over, and take Dante's masterpiece to be at heart a parable of survival, of getting through and getting on--and so a conversion narrative in a different sense, in which conversion can never be a lone, fixed entity, but rather a process of lifelong iteration.
Estudio Medicina en las Universidades de Lovaina, Paris y Papua, donde se doctoro, graduandose magna cum laude, el 5 de diciembre de 1537, a los 23 anos de edad; al dia siguiente fue nombrado explicator chirugiae, el equivalente a una catedra de Cirugia y Anatomia, en la misma Universidad.
Marty urged that Faith and Order serve as a main participant and explicator of new constituencies and emergent issues as the ecumenically committed work to define the relation between faith and order, the religious and the secular, Christianity and other world religions, and Christianity and the new globalism.
In them, especially in his practical criticism, Frye is notoriously nonjudgemental, the impersonal explicator.
Throughout the stores' existence, he has also proved to be the go-to guy for journalists on deadline, playing an avuncular role as Great Explicator of confusing wine issues.
Kushner, a contributing editor at Spin, is an experienced explicator of subcultures, and Jonny Magic is useful in helping one understand exactly why poker has gotten as big as it has, although perhaps not in the way that Kushner intended.
Meanwhile, amid the barrels and loops of her nightly dream-sorties and round-the-clock exertions in the soldierly interest, Midge becomes the unlikely explicator of a devastating satire on the myth of Soviet might during World War II.
Application In my analysis of MacDiarmid's poem "From In the Fall" in an article published in The Explicator (Mansour 45), I found a very subtle contradiction in the text.
The fact is that for all his polish and brilliance as an explicator of other people's ideas, Eagleton has never been much of an original thinker.
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