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As with many readers, it appears Thynne's attention to Chaucer's minor works was somewhat selective, although he provides several substantial explicatory comments to several pieces.
Finally, it closes by providing some discussion on how recent works interpretations on revolts move away from strict materialist explanations of why people rebel, providing nuanced analyses of causation that still acknowledge the role played by economic grievances but point to the existence of other explicatory factors.
Reading Links as a series of scenes, or pieces of stories that interact and relate to one another but do not form a coherent exclusive and conclusive narrative, illustrates the entanglement of displacement and contiguity These narrative and structural strategies thus result in a permanent state of indeterminacy in Links subverting the identification with a mystery novel as well as the journalistic claim to explicatory clarity, objectivity and accuracy.
Unlike an explicatory version, 9/11 seemingly includes little semantic content because it consists of a sole numeric abbreviation.
This not only undermines explicatory analysis but also ethical evaluations of Israeli foreign policies.
These specific action areas are not definitive but rather should be seen as explicatory, subject to change and modification as conditions suggest and context dictates.
Given the explicatory dynamic of the Metamorphoses identified by Feeney, it is small wonder that there has been and continues to be a vital and mutual rapport between Ovid and psychoanalytically informed debate and criticism.
In addition, it allows the definition of an explicatory model to understand the processes of schooling and school curriculum in the mapuche context as a contribution to a model of dialogic and intercultural schooling.
Without detailing the relationships between these titles and their text we can definitely refer to them as types of explicatory titles carrying meanings of reinforcement, stressing, and focusing (Kellman 1975: 160).
Today, however, there are few literary critics who will grant 'the uncanny' any explicatory status, and she quickly suggests that these similarities are actually attributable to 'certain parallels in their historical conditions' (p.
The moral allegory is promptly explained in the Explicatory Letter to Philip Sidney, where it is pointed out that the subject of the reform is the human soul ("Jupiter") seeking to expel the "beast" of its vices.
By altering these lines to make them more succinct and less explicatory, Vivien softened the section's initial gestures at a prosier cadence and also increased the pacing (the shorter lines read more quickly), the emotional complexity (her line changes add additional tone shifts and implications rather than simply further explaining earlier lines), and the intimacy (by offering less explanation of the relationship and of the events, she increases the sense of the mutual understanding between the two women and also on the part of the audience) of the narrator's story-telling style.