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When the MIT researchers studied the behavior of animals learning different tasks, they found signs that different tasks might require either explicit or implicit learning.
Analysis showed that the age participants were when they first looked for sexually explicit material predicted the likelihood to engage in sexual behaviour at a younger age for both men and women.
Rumours about a potential Barton sex tape began circulating in March, at which point the actress retained Bloom and sought to block the dissemination of any explicit material.
Specifically, user reputation is estimated by considering both explicit and implicit ratings, and user activities are scored for estimation of implicit ratings.
For example, individuals who had never sent a sext message were classified as non-sexters, individuals who had sent sexy word-based messages were classified as less explicit sexters, individuals who had sent semi-nude photos or videos were classified as explicit sexters, and individuals who had sent fully nude photos or videos were classified as very explicit sexters.
The company also was swayed by users who say posting sexually explicit content is part of expressing their identities.
Now, bloggers will need to mark explicit content as "adult", which will display an "adult content" warning page.
He sent her lewd text messages and when she asked him why said they were sent in error but then sent her the explicit image.
Explicit gender-based occupational stereotypes are rated according to an occupational sex-stereotype questionnaire.
Researchers were stunned to find that 20 percent of the students, some as young as 14, said they had sent a sexually explicit image of themselves via cell phone, and nearly twice as many said that they had received a sexually explicit picture.
offer special and general educators a practical guide to using explicit instruction--systematic, direct, engaging, and success oriented--to help students make the maximum possible academic gains.
25 August 2010 - Indian credit rating agency CRISIL assigned ratings of BB+ with a "stable" outlook and of P4+ to the bank facilities of local leather tanning company Explicit Leather.