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The role of implicit and explicit learning processes in concept discovery.
Experience from participants in our projects showed that universities need to embed sustainability across the whole curriculum as part of their explicit learning outcomes; Ms Thomas points out.
According to EDUCAUSE's 7 Things You Should Know About Virtual Worlds, the significance of virtual worlds in education is the "potential to foster constructivist learning, putting students in contact with others in an immersive environment that challenges them to figure out things for themselves, without explicit learning objectives and assessment" (4).
The commission recognizes that educators need flexibility and freedom to develop creative solutions to tough problems, but it challenges institutional leaders and faculty to accept responsibility for establishing explicit learning goals, assessing performance rigorously and doing more to help students achieve high standards.
Since the resolution of the implicit-explicit debate is that teachers should use both, the main point of considering the issue here is that explicit learning has been subjected to widespread "research-based" condemnation in education schools.

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