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Scalia met this ham-fisted decision with sarcasm, sneers, and an explicitly ideological critique.
Lyte have explicitly feminist music videos, these videos do not draw explicitly on Afrocentricity or the feminist solidarity that Queen Latifah uses.
In one respect, Senator Nunn is doing democracy a great service, because he has been pressing an important point upon all liberal critics of the military ban during the current congressional hearings--namely, he insists that those who call for the abolition of the ban on gays should also call explicitly for the abolition of all state and military sodomy statutes.
Indeed, her chapter on Vitruvius serves in part explicitly to provide a basis for determining the nature and degree of departures on the part of successive authors from Vitruvian doctrine and categories, whatever their professed loyalty to the ancient author.
The Department views its current regulatory smoking ban to be sufficiently broad to include the use of electronic cigarettes; however, the prior rule did not explicitly define smoking.
The American Psychological Association's (APA) Commission on Accreditation accredits several explicitly Christian psychology doctoral programs that are housed within distinctively Christian institutions.
BEIRUT: The National Audio-Visual Council slammed television stations Wednesday for explicitly expressing political stances in their news bulletins.
This special issue on clinical training in explicitly Christian doctoral programs follows a similar format.
sexual orientation, and explicitly out strategies involve being explicit
It says: "This reluctance explicitly to discriminate in favour of students from disadvantaged backgrounds is in contrast to the most prestigious American universities, which recognise that making increasingly fine distinctions on academic grounds between extremely able applicants is unlikely to be fruitful, and so explicitly seek to achieve as socially balanced an intake is possible, while maintaining academic standards.
While none of the modern theories of intelligence reviewed here explicitly argue that intelligence is strictly inherited, the author explicitly argues here that intelligence is dynamic, and can improve through education.