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The average explicit response ratio (ERR) is presented in the last row of Table 5, which depicts the results of the second-level analysis focusing on the agent effect on the students' explicitness.
In discourse analysis, Schiffrin (1994/2003) explains that explicitness is a feature relating to the representation of referents.
Characteristics of the student questions with regard to explicitness of the objective in the question
Provide Accessibility * Evaluate Student Progress/Diagnosis * Communicate Student Progress * Enhance Explicitness * Create Authentic Contexts * Test Conjectures & Modify Understandings What features of the technology need to be emphasized most to address the learning needs and strengths of students?
The categories deemed to apply on the coach's feedback were adapted from Instructional task (Rink, 1993); Information nature (Hastie, 1999); Task explicitness (Silverman et al.
by contrast, the government still tries to draw a line between mere sexual explicitness, which is protected by the First Amendment, and obscenity, which is not.
Children are subjected to a ubiquitous, ever-increasing explicitness serving the opposition's falsehood.
Of course, this kind of gaze is represented explicitly (although such explicitness would seem paradoxical in a representation of anamorphosis) in the 1861 poem, "Le Masque," where it is only by changing the angle of one's perspective that the sincere face of the statue becomes visible.
And if it's vulgarity and explicitness one appreciates in music, then there are plenty of other venues and sources for such indulgence than the most widely watched TV show in America.
Through the conceptual explicitness of the logo', directions for future planning are suggested.
2000) Feedback The teacher gives timely, focused and explicit literacy feedback to children (Bloom, 1976, Hattie, 2003; Strickland, 2002) Responsiveness The teacher shares and builds on children's literacy contributions (Brophy & Good, 1986; Hattie, 2003) Explicitness The teacher directs children's attention to explicit Word level word and sound strategies (Mazzoli & Gambrell, 2003; NRP, 2000; Snow et al.
The sexual explicitness and bombast of his fellow soldiers amused McGowan, and he found ways to participate and yet disguise the fact that he was gay.