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The car exploded near the house of Musa al-Nimr, an elderly residing in the eastern region," the source added.
in Barangay (village) Campo suddenly exploded around 12 noon.
They started it up, it began smoking, then exploded.
The charger, which is designed to resemble an official Apple charger, exploded one metre away from where Ms Johnson's seven-year-old daughter Amia was playing.
This explosion made no casualties Some 16 roadside bombs has exploded in Mount Chmbi for one yea.
BEIRUT: A hand grenade exploded near a public kindergarten in Akkar Wednesday, with no reported casualties or material damage.
Nawagai police confirmed that three people including a 10-year-old girl, a six-year-old boy and the children's aunt died when the bomb they had found in a field exploded.
A third exploded ten minutes after that," a state television reporter said.
Two weeks ago, a Kassam rocket exploded in an open area in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council.
In the southern holy Shiite city of Najaf, at least three people were killed and 19 more wounded when two car bombs targeting a police building exploded, Reuters said.
The 30-year-old worker was standing behind the water boiler when it exploded allegedly due to a short circuit that resulted from faulty wiring, said a source.
Another oil rig - owned by a Houston-based company - has exploded in the Gulf of Mexico.