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Lockwood, commander of Submarines, Pacific Fleet, ordered the magnetic exploder for Mark 14 torpedoes deactivated in late June 1943.
Protection with simple exploders remained almost negligible, as possibly these were old and traditional (Fiedler et al.
You may recall talking to an exploder in your life and pointing out to them that they are yelling at you.
Guard dogs and gas exploders as coyote depredation control tools in North Dakota.
844, 851 (1997) (discussing the use of "mail exploders," more commonly known as distribution lists).
ACLU that, "Through the use of Web pages, mail exploders and newsgroups, [any Net user] can become a pamphleteer.
Believe it or not, specialized ammunition, such as Glasers and Exploders, are rarely encountered in SWAT operations.
Through the use of Web pages, mail exploders and newsgroups, the same individual can become a pamphleteer.