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They were laughed at by the chemists, who held that, while it was just barely probable that a single cartridge, charged with the new smokeless powder, might spontaneously explode, it was beyond all probability and possibility for all the cartridges in a given area, so charged, spontaneously to explode.
And not alone could he thus explode powder at a distance, but he could ignite conflagrations.
1, 2004: Progressive Socialist Party MP Marwan Hamadeh is wounded when a bomb explodes next to his motorcade, killing his driver.
The wreckage of the China Airlines Boeing 737-800 which exploded at Naha Airport, Okinawa Prefecture (state), southern Japan; The airline explodes in flames and (below) passengers flee from the airliner
The first stage explodes while the other keep traveling skyward.
More than a decade ago, Stan Woosley of the University of California, Santa Cruz and his colleagues proposed that when a massive star explodes, it doesn't always have enough oomph to permanently shed all its outer layers.
As a star collapses and explodes at the end of its life, it spits out jets of material that can move almost as fast as the speed of light.
When a toad explodes, its entrails are hurled as far as a meter, sometimes ending up on tree limbs, from which they dangle like grisly sphagnum moss.
A second bomb explodes at a Cambridge courthouse killing more people.
Bomb explodes near NatWest tower in London's financial district, 1993