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26: A car bomb parked near two factories explodes in Beirut's Saad al-Bouchrieh, wounding six.
C) BURST CHARGE: Made of black powder, it explodes the shell in mid air.
Irish Republican Army car bomb explodes near shopping mall in Manchester, 1996
Did you know: Trees explode at 300 degrees, but a rock won't explode until it's 500 degrees.
Because important questions remain about why stars explode, astronomers are grateful to uncover new details about supernovas, notes Mike Shull of the University of Colorado in Boulder.
Before it explodes, the volcano will swell, spout steam and gas, and rumble noisily for months.
PHOTO (color -- 1 -- 3) An animated re-enactment, created by the CIA, shows the disintegration of TWA Flight 800 as it explodes off the coast of Long Island.
Since then, other researchers have found that porous silicon explodes under certain extreme conditions, including ultralow temperatures.
Scene: An oil tanker explodes on the Rainbow Bridge, singeing our heroes and incinerating numerous cars and a host of bad guys.
Its outward push becomes so great that the egg explodes.