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Furthermore, the Sexual Offences Act itself seems to imply that where under-age sex is not exploitative prosecutions are only to be instituted in exceptional circumstances.
In a context of standardisation, determining whether Qualcomm's practices in the WCDMA licensing market are exploitative and contrary to Article 82 of the EC Treaty may depend on whether the licensing terms imposed by Qualcomm are in breach of its FRAND commitment, says the Commission.
In a nutshell: Exploitative yet, somehow, sensitive.
So, is it ethical or exploitative for physicians to use the power of professionalism in the political process?
We're working to build a base of both immigrant and Black workers who can collectively fight the exploitative public policy that has shaped the post-Katrina landscape and stop this race to the bottom in terms of wages, rights and conditions.
If you reckon that's a cheap shot it's nothing compared to the humiliation heaped on the large ladies who made the massive mistake of participating in Channel 4's horribly exploitative Fat Beauty Contest.
Kleopatra's narrow escape provides an experience giving her a passion for saving her deteriorating country from its inept and exploitative overlords.
Just what great scientific facts or insights are revealed in exploitative displays like these?
The implication was that the work inside the gallery would target the art world as complicit in necessarily exploitative moneymaking activity.
If public policy were to follow the course demanded by exploitative blowhards such as Robert F.
The author argues that the 1740s rebellions were the result of the contradiction between the brutal necessities of local colonial domination and the role of the courts as social mediators who ameliorated to a certain extent exploitative conditions.