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At the end of the day, regardless of whether D failed to administer to P's relative special disadvantage exploitatively or merely negligently, he or she has in any event failed to show proper respect for P's equal status as a 'freely choosing, rationally valuing, specially efficacious .
If a patron was encouraged by his, and sometimes by her, position to behave disdainfully, or exploitatively, there were also men and women whose interest in the writers who addressed them was generous, selfless, and based more on a sense of literary merit than on any assessment of services that might be rendered in return for their assistance.
They go there because if they run companies they can cash in on exploitatively cheap local labour - and if they work for someone else, their wages will be ludicrously inflated to "compensate" for daily life in sun, sand and illicit Martinis.
If dragonflies compete exploitatively with damselflies, damselfly growth should be decreased in the Free-Ranging Predator treatment as compared to the other treatments, because this is the only treatment in which a dragonfly is free to consume prey in the cage.
Some scholars contend that legal institutions operated exploitatively to advance industrial or other economic interests;(143) others believe that vested rights prescriptions prevailed;(144) and now comes Novak, who argues that the public rights doctrine and notions of overriding community interests were uniformly dominant.
Thus, for example, if Millet is exploitatively hailed as an unconscious social artist, Pissarro's rural landscapes are as stylized as Van Gogh's explicit reworkings of the Millet canon in ahistorical perspectives saturated by Christian tradition.
If these snails were exploitatively competing for food, these two factors would be acting synergistically, and the negative effects of high density would be more intense at low food levels.
In Axelrod's experiments, the most successful strategy is "tit for tat": one begins by playing cooperatively but retaliates on the next round if the other player acts exploitatively.
Wholesale withdrawal by sectors of civil society (as opposed to direct political opposition to specific regimes) indicates more than dissatisfaction with the services incompetently or exploitatively "provided" by their governments.
Rubin and Brown (1975), reviewing laboratory experiments conducted in the United States, mainly among students, developed a few conclusions which received later support such as: the smaller the discrepancy in negotiators' power, the more effectively they are likely to function; the smaller the total amount of power in the system, the more effectively negotiators are likely to function; under conditions of unequal relative power among negotiators, the party with high power tends to behave exploitatively.
I take the couplet to be gesture of homage to the friend rather than, as Pequigney does, a confession that the poet desires to "use [him] exploitatively .