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General characteristics of the exploiters Age (Mean [+ or -] SD) (years) 31 [+ or -] 12 n=89 % Gender Male 77 86.
H1: Distinctive competencies associated with radical innovation will be more strongly related to an explorer orientation than to an exploiter orientation.
In 2006, the Ministry of Justice finalized, and a government committee vetted, a draft law that, when enacted, would protect child victims of sexual exploitation and criminally punish the adult exploiters of children in prostitution.
The biggest exploiters of 'fisheries work' are the bird and mammal predators of the non-paying birdwatching and wildlife observation field sports participants, who outnumber anglers by almost two to one.
The artist's trick of exploiting the exploiters is neatly turned and conceptually satisfying here, but his ongoing series of portraits of residents of Galesburg in central Illinois ("Galesburg," 1994-), raises the question of exploitation in a less comfortable context.
Did they prefer facing the Hun than working for the exploiters they and there forefathers had suffered under for centuries?
In Russia, the czarist government fingered the Jews as exploiters of the peasants and encouraged pogroms against hundreds of Jewish settlements.
The upshot is that the cooperators are exposed to exploiters even more than if the population mixed freely.
According to the EU Consumer Affairs Commissioner, organized crime and possibly terrorist groups are seemingly the main exploiters of pirated products.
We cannot continue to excuse those who seek to exploit the constant, public denigration of African Americans, even when--no, especially when--the exploiters happen to look like us.
In studying this crime, Glick, a reporter for Newsweek, analyzes the many forces that have come together in Vail, Colorado: New West and Old West, the rich and the working poor, locals and interlopers, exploiters and protectors.
Rather than viewed as dedicated providers of services to people whose health needs cannot be met by family members, SNFs often are targeted in legislative testimony and speeches as greedy, uncaring exploiters.