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A state Department of Justice investigator also found 210 exploitive images linked to Graham posted on a Web site known as Flickr, Luh wrote.
Eisler says we need to change our fundamental beliefs--and therefore our institutions--to be more caring, creating new policies that transform the way we use natural, human and other resources from exploitive to supportive.
Expertly written by Wisconsin author Robert Noonan (who moved from Chicago, Illinois to Hatfield, Wisconsin to write his books), the 'Orphan Train Trilogy' is a set of three novels that, taken together or read separately, draw upon the mid-nineteenth to early twentieth century phenomena of orphaned boys and girls from the eastern seaboard who were placed upon trains traveling west for exploitive foster home placements, menial factory jobs, and agricultural laborers.
Students with NPD are often characterized by arrogance, grandiosity, and self-importance; a preoccupation with fantasies of success and power; a conviction that one is special or unique; a desire to receive the admiration of others; a sense of entitlement; interpersonally exploitive behavior; an inability to empathize with the needs and feelings of other people; and envy (McCullough, Emmons, Kilpatrick, & Mooney, p.
Kendrick said the student newspaper is partly supported by fees paid by students, and the ad is exploitive and demeaning.
Council officials have highlighted an illegal trade in child trafficking with criminal gangs bringing young people to the Midlands and forcing them into the sex industry or exploitive labour.
For her part, Ricci refutes any suggestions that the movie is exploitive or misogynistic.
vengeful, pitiless, exploitive, manipulative, dishonest, cheaters, prejudiced, meanspirited, militant, nationalistic and two-faced.
But we wish to emphasize the exploitive nature of transplant tourism-both the human rights of the donor, and for the well-being of the transplant recipient.
But most worrying is the sexual denigration of women who are shown only as cheap, contemptible sexual commodities, fit only to be subjected to an amazing and disgusting range of exploitive, violent and degrading activities.
In his essay, "Gay Asian-American Male Seeks Home" in the September-October 2005 issue, Chong-suk Han erroneously defines a "rice queen" as an exploitive older white male.
She said: "I'm the first to admit that the Swordfish scene was very exploitive.