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For the last year and a half, we've had 20 people on site winter and summer doing diamond exploration.
We retrospectively reviewed the records of 62 patients who had undergone parathyroid exploration for hyperparathyroidism at our institution between 1985 and 1993.
This affirmation has stirred a renewed interest in diamond exploration in Northern Ontario and has prompted a number of private sector companies to launch exploratory programs throughout the North, says Tom Morris, a quaternary geologist with the MNDM.
Since 2003, McDonald has been Vice President Exploration and Business Development for Committee Bay Resource Ltd.
I just point them in the right direction and give them my two cents worth of advice," says Cosec, in explaining why exploration activities in the Sudbury district have been at their highest levels in more than a decade.
Work on the Project began in 2004 with a "first pass" grassroots exploration program consisting of reconnaissance mapping and prospecting over the entire property, detailed geological mapping and sampling of vein exposures and alteration zones.
Even so, Parry says the province "is telling us that there is not sufficient exploration going on even to take up $8 million of essentially free government money.
Pierre Heeroma has over 20 years' experience of both Swedish and international mining operations, specifically in the fields of geology and exploration.
The program helps a lot," said George Babcock, the owner of several Hawk Junction-based exploration firms.
Christensen gained valuable international experience as Director of Exploration for Newmont subsidiary Empresa Minera Inti Raymi, based at the Kori Kollo Gold Mine, Bolivia.
The Canadian Exploration Incentive Program, its successor, was strangled in its infancy.

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