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The Agreement provides for monthly payments by the Mining Contractor to Explorator based on the monthly run-of-mine performance
The Agreement will endure for a maximum period of 10 years or if sooner, the depletion of alluvials an includes rights of early termination by Explorator.
The final sentence of my passage again shows an interesting combination of focalising (mimetically) through Antony, who holds his breath and steps carefully through the darkness, and the narrator, who comments externally on Antony's ingenuity by paraphrasing the sentence's subject as callidus explorator (6).
About Explorator Media: Explorator Media helps companies create and manage their digital presences to better connect and stay in contact with their target markets.
45 and Amends, who showed improved form on his handicap debut at Lingfield last Wednesday but was unfortunate that it coincided with even more striking progress from the gambled-on Explorator.
Tony Culhane and trainer George Baker landed a double courtesy of Explorator and Stefanki.
Pachygrapsus transversus, Xanthodius cooksoni and Calcinus explorator were the most abundant species in nearly all localities.
The Board of Xtract Resources Pic ("Xtract" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that the Company's wholly-owned Mozambican subsidiary, Explorator Limitada ("Explorator") has concluded a Mining Contractor agreement ("Mining Contractor Agreement" or "Agreement") with Omnia Mining Ltd and Moz Gold Group Limitida ("Contract Miners") for the exploitation of alluvial gold deposits at its Manica mining concession in Mozambique.
Gambles were landed by Lutine Bell in the older-horse maiden, and by Explorator in the 1m1f handicap, but not without their supporters having an anxious moment or two, particularly in Explorator's case.
x x Edwards, 1837 Familia Diogenidae Calcinus californiensis 4,5,6 p,c x Bouvier, 1898 Calcinus explorator Boone, 5 p x 1932 Clibanarius digueti Bouvier, 4,5 r,a,p x x 1898 Dardanus sinistripes (Stimpson, 1859) 4 ?
As part of this newly agreed agreement, Xtract will divest the entire stake of Explorator Limitada to Nexus Capital and to Mineral Technologies International.
Prins' previous position was as President and CEO of Explorator Resources Inc.

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