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Speaking at the 7th Pakistan Energy Forum 2015 themed "Streamlining Energy Priorities for Developmental & Economic Growth," he said that OGDCL acquired 30 exploration licenses last year and was pursuing an aggressive exploratory program to exploit the potential in these blocks.
If you are interested in undertaking new or exploratory fishing, you must submit a written expression of interest to AFMA.
This exploratory well was spud on 10 February 2010.
Hess Corporation (NYSE: HES), a US-based company that explores, produces and markets oil, has announced its capital and exploratory budget for 2009.
When unanticipated variations in profile occur within site additional exploratory holes might be necessary to further define conditions.
Thus, there is a need for an integrated approach to the health and safety issues facing this sector, and the Construction Centers are intended to address problems through a coordinated and integrated mix of exploratory, prevention/intervention, and translation projects.
An exploratory factor analysis was then conducted that extracted four factors with orthogonal rotation.
The $8 million exploratory well marks the initial phase in a plan to pull heat energy out of molten rock in volcanic regions.
The Israeli Northern District Committee for Planning and Building approved exploratory oil drilling in the Golan Heights.
The sector has drilled 20 new exploratory wells as against 12 wells same time last year, depicting a significant increase of 67 per cent.

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