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To date, however, there have been a limited number of empirical studies that have explored this relationship.
Rather, the purpose is to expose student to a variety realia and also to provide them as learning tool that can be explored autonomously and individually outside the classroom.
Future tire monitoring technologies and their impact on the tire industry will also be explored.
2,3] Other surgeons advocate unilateral neck exploration when there is a reliable preoperative localization study and both an abnormal and normal gland on the initially explored side.
The client's quality world is explored to determine how he or she meets these needs.
DiMarco explored a student's strategy of reasoning additively about the problem.
If O'Hara had been content to pursue in Kentish sources the same issues that have already been explored for other dioceses, that alone would have been welcome.
Baptists in Latin America have had, surprisingly to many, a strong presence in this movement, which, until this issue, has not been explored in depth.
The possibility that this humanism can be compromised and perhaps obliterated, under severe social, economic, and philosophical stresses is explored in "Ethical Invisibility and the New Humanism" and "The Humanities: The Eye of the Needle in the Black Experience.
An initial conceptualization of the client and her circumstances is presented first, followed by additional areas that should be explored to gain a broader picture of the client.
While one can see clear parallels between the struggles of Freud's family romance and those of mainstream revolutionaries, the issue of how women may have brought their own family romances into public life remains to be explored in greater depth.