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Exploring spiritual and religious issues may be an effective process with both clients in the decision-making process and those struggling with issues related to their current job.
She, in fact, comes full circle in her discussion of the search for manhood in Gaines's work by further exploring the matter in his most recent novel, A Lesson Before Dying.
This special journey will feature 4 nights in Oporto, exploring the north, 7 glorious days on Madeira, celebrating the Flower Festival, and 7 days exploring Lisbon and the south Evora, Fatima, Obidos, Cascais and more.
Examples include research exploring whether and how social environments or enriched experiences (quality of education, etc.
One can hardly consider the story of Baptist Old Testament scholarship without exploring the work and life of Crawford Toy, the highly known but largely understudied Old Testament professor dismissed from Southern Seminary.
Doctors, for their part, must be open to their patient's preferences and knowledge, taking them into serious consideration, exploring them with the patient and encourage.
While never denying the existence of individual choice or the realities of romantic and sexual attraction, she insists upon exploring fully "the bounds within which they existed" (32).
one of the mining companies exploring in the Wawa area, has made an "exciting" discovery - a quarter-carat diamond, says Wayne O'Connor.
Cohen, with the prestigious Exploring Leadership Award.
We have spent considerable time reviewing strategic options for the Company and have been exploring, at the Board's direction, a possible spin off of our Consumer Source division, creating two distinct publicly traded companies.
While such advantages include development of specific personal interests in exploring, and therefore acquiring, the foreign (or second) language and culture in a context, the ultimate goal is to turn the student in a life-long learner of the target language and culture.
Clients are active participants in becoming aware of and exploring the variety of life roles (e.