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An examination of the wreckage showed that their greatest danger, now, lay in fire, for the flames were licking hungrily at the splintered wood of the wrecked cabin, and had already found a foothold upon the lower deck through a great jagged hole which the explosion had opened.
The remaining forty received sentences varying from thirty to forty-five years; while Arthur Simpson, referred to in the Manuscript as being ill of typhoid fever at the time of the explosion, received only fifteen years.
Each of the explosions from below had thrown out from the well-hole, as if it had been the mouth of a cannon, a mass of fine sand mixed with blood, and a horrible repulsive slime in which were great red masses of rent and torn flesh and fat.
But there was no time; the explosion thundered, earth gaped, the smoke which hurled through the clefts obscured the sky; the sea flowed back as though driven by the blast of flame which darted from the grotto as if from the jaws of some gigantic fiery chimera; the reflux took the bark out twenty
Merridew that an explosion was not included in the programme on this occasion.
I was just preparing to signal her, when a flame flashed from her bows, and an instant later the water in front of us was thrown high by the explosion of a shell.
He started the engine, and with a wild burr of gas explosions the beautiful fabric darted down the launching ways and lifted into the air.
In that explosion all our noble civilization-factories went up in the air and disappeared from the earth.
One corner I saw was charred and shattered; perhaps, I thought, by an explosion among the specimens.
Then there was a deafening explosion, the thunder of falling masonry, and a house by the side of the arch broke suddenly into flames.
Jerry, in the doorway, caught in the out-draught of the explosion, was flung a score of feet away.
The turf and gravel about it seemed charred as if by a sudden explosion.