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noun address, allocution, articulation, audible expression, colloquy, confabulation, conversation, declaration, delivery, dialect, diction, discourse, enunciation, expression, idiom, interlocution, language, lecture, lingo, locution, oral communication, oral expression, oration, oratory, palaver, parlance, phonation, phraseology, prattle, pronouncement, pronunciation, recital, recitation, rhetoric, say, sermon, spoken language, spoken word, statement, talk, tongue, utterance, verbal exxression, verbal intercourse, vocalization, words
Associated concepts: First Amendment, freedom of speech
Foreign phrases: Lubricum linguae non facile trahendum est in poenam.A slip of the tongue ought not readily be subjected to punishment.
See also: declamation, discourse, language, parlance, peroration, phraseology, remark

SPEECH. A formal discourse in public.
     2. The liberty of speech is guaranteed to members of the legislature, to counsel in court in debate.
     3. The reduction of a speech to writing and its publication is a libel, if the matter contained in it is libelous; and the repetition of it upon occasions not warranted by law, when the matter is slanderous, will be slander and. tho character of the speaker will be no protection to him from an action. 1 M. & S. 273; 1 Esp. C. 226 Bouv. Inst. Index, h.t. See Debate; Liberty of speech.

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Peter Friedman fuels the most bigoted of the jurors with pent-up rage and resentment, making his explosive speech one of ugly revelation.
VINCE Cable will hold out the prospect of a Lib-Lab coalition in an explosive speech to his party's conference tomorrow.
He is expected to make an explosive speech where he will try to defend his lavish use of taxpayers' money on limos, VIP lounges, firstclass flights and five-star hotels.

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