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What transpires is a great mix of classic match-three gameplay with a host of clever twists and turns, all of which boasts the kind of explosively colourful visuals we've come to expect from games like this.
These fuels in air explosions burn extremely quickly, more explosively than dynamite
In a safety alert published last month, the center warned that ballistic glass powder that is created when MRAPs (mine resistant ambush protected vehicles) arc struck by explosively formed projectiles can create safety and health hazards to personnel in the vehicles or those responding.
Pricing, affordability, financing, and lack of investment are preventing solar energy from advancing as explosively as it could.
Today, when the public is critically concerned with the quality and safety of its food products and Congress is investigating MAP practices, there's no question that the need for our technology is expanding explosively," says Marco Bonne, CEO and a founder.
For us Second Life, which has grown explosively since launching in 2003, allows us to tap into a potential global audience.
Liverpool Philharmonic chief executive Michael Elliott said: "For us, Second Life, which has grown explosively since launching in 2003, allows us to tap into a potential global audience.
It is the numerous jet pilot training flights, usually four jets flying to and fro over Teesside for hours, including landings and take-offs, and the explosively noisy twin-engined Falcon jets whose old technology engines sound like the old Concorde on take-off and create unacceptable noise as far away as Marton.
Squat to parallel with plate at shoulder level, pause two seconds at the bottom, then explosively rise and press the plate overhead.
A fearsome and at times explosively violent story of stolen and misused identities and edge-of-one's seat intensity, Ricochet keeps the reader hooked right up to the fearsome finale.
When financial firms grow, they typically grow explosively," explained Robert Flippin, a managing director at Jones Lang LaSalle.
Researchers found the disk around a rapidly rotating neutron star, the dense core left behind when a star 8 to 20 times as massive as the sun collapses under its own weight and explosively ejects its outer layers.

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