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Miscellaneous food preparations consisted the largest exports ($348 million), principally coffee extracts in sachets, e.
In Pakistan, some sectors, after facing decline in exports in 2015-16, are now showing some positive indicators, as exports of jewellery and gems, bed wear etc, have shown positive trends in first two months of current fiscal year.
The increase in provisional exports only for the month of March this year, is led by many sectors, with strong performance by industrial exports.
Businesses operating from free zones in Dubai drive a full 40 per cent of the emirate's export market as the importance of the economic clusters continues to grow.
Note: the ETI regime does not call for a scale-back of export tax benefits for military property as did its predecessors--the foreign sale corporation regime and the IC-DISC regime.
When it comes to gathering export information on behalf of American small businesses, there is no better governmental resource than our very own U.
Solimao Henken, Benfatto Furniture's export manager, sees a more unified Mercosul furniture industry as a good opportunity.
In the next decade, Chinese manufacturers are unlikely to overcome competition from South Korean and Japanese manufacturers, who are well established in overseas export markets.
Prompting the need for such rides are the illegal exports of commingled waste.
In Mexico, hot export areas include travel services, marketing to manufacturers, telecommunications, information technology, Internet-related products, security equipment, and construction materials.
Transshipment Country Export Control Initiative seeks to channel existing and new export control resources toward curtailing the illegal diversion of products that can occur at the major transshipment hubs.