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EXPORTATION, commercial law. The act of sending goods and merchandise from one country to another. 2 Mann. & Gran. 155; 3 Mann. & Gran. 959.
     2. In order to preserve equality among the states, in their commercial relations, the constitution provides that "no tax or duty shall be laid on articles exported from any state." Art. 1, s. 9. And to prevent a pernicious interference with the commerce of the nation, the 10th section of the 1st article of the constitution contains the following prohibition: "No state shall, without the consent of congress, lay any imposts or duties on imports or exports, except what may be absolutely necessary for executing its inspection laws; and the net produce of all duties and imposts, laid by any state on imports or exports, shall be for the use of the treasury of the United States; and all such laws shall be subject to the revision and control of the congress." Vide 12 Wheat. 419; and the article Importation.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The five Asean countries exported to the Philippines some $23.4 billion free-on-board (FOB) worth of goods while importing only $10.7 billion (cost plus insurance and freight or CIF) for a trade surplus of $12.6 billion in 2016.
In Pakistan, some sectors, after facing decline in exports in 2015-16, are now showing some positive indicators, as exports of jewellery and gems, bed wear etc, have shown positive trends in first two months of current fiscal year.
All export values are from the US Census Bureau as of February 2015 and do not reflect Alaska resources and products first transported to and warehoused in other states in the nation before export.
All the sub sectors in fisheries-an export that recently faced volatile EU markets, but now showing a promising turnaround-have surged; in that, in Jan-November 2014, provisional ornamental fish exports have grown by 17.33% to $11.51 Mn, crustacean exports have grown by 29% to $51.10 Mn and edible fish surged by 5.25% to $179.76 Mn.
Egyptian exports of non-petroleum products rose 1.6% year on year in June 2014 to $2bn, up from $1.98bn in exports in June 2013.
During the recession, total exports from the Fourth District declined by over 18 percent.
During the first half of 2012 over 210 manufacturing and export firms from Dubai and different free zones in the UAE participated in the exhibitions, trade missions and matchmaking forums organised or facilitated by Dubai Exports.
With exporters in Dubai continuing to penetrate new markets and diversify their product range, the export sector could perform better, Dubai Exports said.
Keywords: Export, determinents, SMEs model, Advantages and Incentives.
Moreover, bedwear worth $207.765 million was exported in July 2019 as against $194.591 million exported in July 2018.
On the other hand, in term of quantity, the export of electric fans witnessed a surge of 22.7% to 1.735 million units of fans in July-June (2018-19) against the export of 1.414 million units of fans in same period of last year.

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