export and import

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Deane, when he expected to take his wine alone, would tell Tom to step in and sit with him an hour, and would pass that hour in much lecturing and catechising concerning articles of export and import, with an occasional excursus of more indirect utility on the relative advantages to the merchants of St.
The trend of increasing imports continued in the first six months of the current fiscal year 2017-18 and according to estimates of the Ministry of Commerce, the imports of the country will cross the critical mark of US dollars 55 billion thus creating a gap in import and export to over US dollars 35 billion if the government did not take daring steps to boost exports of the country and Pakistan will be a very difficult position to meet the gap in the export and import.
There are export and import substitution opportunities, but structural problems caused by past neglect and lack of resolve will limit the country's ability to fully respond.
Countries that have efficient customs, good transport networks and fewer document requirements, which render compliance with export and import procedures faster and cheaper, are more competitive in the world markets.
Dubai tracks North Africa and Middle East region average on the number of both export and import documents, but performs better than the region average on both the time duration and the cost of export and import.
China has become the "900-pound gorilla" of the recovered paper export and import business and is continuing to grow.
Effective export and import controls are the keystone of any successful effort to mitigate the problems of illicit trade in small arms and light weapons.
On the export and import sides, as well as on the side of other sources of income into Egypt, clearly Egypt has become more, not less, a part of the Middle East economy since 1979.
Suspecting that a cell draws upon a single family of proteins for both export and import, scientists became intrigued with Crm1p when they noticed that its amino acid sequence resembles that of importin-beta and some other proteins involved in import.
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