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The GCC market took in 82 per cent of the food products exported, indicating strong and continued prospects for this sector in the region.
148 million were exported abroad during July-April (20101-11) as compare to the exports of US$241.
As it is, Argentina exported 10 million cubic feet of pinewood in 2004, compared to 3 million in 2003.
According to recent export clearance figures released by Japanese customs, China accounted for more than half (472,757) of the 808,679 metric tons of recovered paper exported through April this year.
As previously noted, the Hong Kong system applies both to goods exported from Hong Kong and to goods that are in transit through the port of Hong Kong.
Today, approximately 35 percent of all the raw sunflower seeds exported from the U.
While the old 486 couldn't even play Solitaire, congressional hawks and White House Luddites were convinced that, if exported, it would rev up nuclear weapons plants from Beijing to Baghdad.
On countless occasions, this administration has sent high-powered people to the Hill, including Attorney General Janet Reno and FBI Director Louis Freeh, warning us that if encryption is freely exported, it will create serious domestic and international security problems and hamstring our law enforcement and intelligence operations.
It has increased, however, from the 2 million tons of oil equivalent that Egypt exported to Israel in 1981, the peak year of Egypt's exports to Israel in current dollar terms.