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200 million exported in last seven months as compared the exports of US$ 46.
On the non-agri side, although not the focus of this article, the five countries exported $15.
072 million were exported as compared to the exports of 4,944 thousand dozen valuing $350.
company has exported a satellite to China since the law took effect in March 1999.
This trade is also unstable in the products that are exported from one to other - excepting the apparent stability in volumetric terms of oil.
Although the values of both exported and imported goods and services increased markedly last year, the value of imports rose somewhat more, causing the deficit in goods and services to widen slightly.
goods are exported by multinational corporations, the Commerce Department is currently assisting small and midsize firms.
Counter trade--These techniques include exchanging one commodity for another, involving three or more parties to a transaction, or allowing importers to pay for the exported equipment with goods produced with that equipment.
Production is concentrated in the provinces of Hebei, Zhejiang, Shandong and Guangdong, which together account for 74 percent of all leather garments exported from China.
During the period from July-October, 2017-18, about 906 metric tons of wheat worth US $ 254,000 exported as against the exports of the same period of last year, according the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.
071 million exported as compared the exports of 7,686 thousand dozens valuing US$ 524.
exported just 86,500 metric tons of copper-based scrap to China, accounting for 27 percent of total U.