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A smaller exporter once said: "It's all about cash!" Discounting, factoring, and selling a receivable to a third party are some of the ways to 'cash out' of a credit transaction at the delivery stage, although the 'cost' of this money may be prohibitively expensive for the exporter operating on thin margins.
The use of a separate domain name (e.g., www.mycompanyname.com), as compared to an affiliated domain name (e.g., www.aol.com/mycompany), often bolsters brand recognition and recall of the exporter's name (Wong, 2000).
LAHORE -- Exporters who had opted for government bonds against their outstanding Sales Tax refund liabilities are now finding out that the bonds are worth much less than what their face value represents.
This situation creates frustration and aggravation for the exporter who erroneously believed, or was told, the CLC was supposed to guarantee a secure and prompt payment.
The consignee wants to see the products at the port before payment is made to the exporter. The exporter on the other hand brings the container laden with the products to the ports, and wants to get his money before the product is loaded on a ship.
The exporter shared 600-800 containers loaded with cement are presently at Karachi Port, high seas or at Dubai and Colombo.
WITH the implementation of the Philippines-European Free Trade Association free-trade agreement (PHL-Efta FTA), exporters are advised to take full advantage of the benefits of the agreement.
16 jointly inspected documents that covered the dumped garbage from its exporter based in Pyeongtaek City.
The agency supports exporters to help them access non-traditional or promising markets with the aim of promoting Omani products.
Kamal Shahryar informed that the exporter has to comply with the origin rules specified for those goods in the GSP scheme.
The mandarin yield has plummeted drastically this year compared to the previous year; however orange exporters are hopeful that the low supply could fetch them high profits.
The exporter said zero rating of energy fuels was announced in 2016-17 budget but refunds were allowed on domestic coal.