exposed to risk

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Lot 1 is A multiple risk prevention and education programme for the school setting and Lot 2 A person centred multiple risk service that identifies and supports vulnerable children and young people exposed to risk taking behaviours.
The rise in cyber warfare and hacking has left the technical vulnerabilities of nuclear weapons systems exposed to risk from states and terrorist groups, it added.
A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said: "At Star Tandoori, Edgbaston, there was evidence of an active mice infestation, inadequate cleaning and food exposed to risk of contamination.
The government has prepared a programme aiming to improve public services, achieve social justice, curb rising prices, and expand social safety nets to safeguard those most exposed to risk.
The letter also reads pilots' lives might be exposed to risk if RSK MiG stops maintaining the aircraft.
It is alleged that customers including Bailey of Blackpool, were exposed to risk.
The nursery, with 78 places, was temporarily shut because of fears "a child may be exposed to risk of harm".
ASSAFIR: Mikati: No cabinet session Lebanon exposed to risk of war AL-MUSTAQBAL: Drawing circulation of suspect in Tripoli's bombs .
Bettors may be exposed to risk of financial losses and develop betting addiction while trying to compensate these losses.
For the longest time, Pagasa has dispensed hazard allowances to all its employees, without any distinction whatsoever between workers exposed to risk and those who are merely working in uncompromised environments.
The central bank has said that finance companies that specialize in lending against gold will need to have a net worth that is at least 12% of their loans exposed to risk.
Liaqat Baloch said that if the training planes were not fit and had some technical problem, these should be grounded so that the lives of the trainee pilots were not exposed to risk because such tragic incidents on one hand, ended up in the martyrdom of the pilots and on the other hand, caused huge financial loss to the country besides creating serious doubts about the efficiency of the Pakistan Air Force.