exposed to risk

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To main peace and stability in the Persian Gulf regions is the collective interest, it is not only Iran exposed to risk of a military conflict, said Ambassador.
Global Banking News-May 6, 2019--Italian central bank says lenders still exposed to risk
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 6, 2019--Italian central bank says lenders still exposed to risk
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 6, 2019--Italian central bank says lenders still exposed to risk
Marsden, 41, of Gressingham Drive in Lancaster, was charged with failing to conduct the event in such a way that people including Miss Garrett were not exposed to risk.
In the future, stable, dexterous robots like the Spot Mini could be put to work in dangerous environments and conflict zones to prevent humans from being exposed to risk.
The rise in cyber warfare and hacking has left the technical vulnerabilities of nuclear weapons systems exposed to risk from states and terrorist groups, it added.
A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said: "At Star Tandoori, Edgbaston, there was evidence of an active mice infestation, inadequate cleaning and food exposed to risk of contamination.
The government has prepared a programme aiming to improve public services, achieve social justice, curb rising prices, and expand social safety nets to safeguard those most exposed to risk.
In a letter from RSK, which the Russian Embassy in Sofia forwarded to Focus News Agency, the company cites the move to send the aircraft engines to Poland, under an agreement signed earlier in October and <a href="">approved by the Bulgarian government on Wednesday.The letter also reads pilots' lives might be exposed to risk if RSK MiG stops maintaining the aircraft.Bulgarian Defense Minister Nikolay Nenchev earlier this year said the engines would be overhauled in Poland, citing financial and geopolitical reasons.
ASSAFIR: Mikati: No cabinet session Lebanon exposed to risk of war AL-MUSTAQBAL: Drawing circulation of suspect in Tripoli's bombs ..
Bettors may be exposed to risk of financial losses and develop betting addiction while trying to compensate these losses.