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The research problem that emerges is how to identify and exposit a realist and sustainable theory of human action in the innovation process.
In this paper we have attempted to exposit a perspective on policy evaluation that explicitly places such evaluation in a decision-theoretic context and that explicitly accounts for uncertainty about the structure or model that describes the economic environment under analysis.
This is another problem with using the thesis set down to help exposit ecthesis, viz.
It is not possible to exposit justification as a doctrine of the saving work of Christ without simultaneously assuming a radical doctrine of sin.
But when averaged over many firms, the ratio does succinctly exposit the relation between closing prices and bid-ask quotes.
I also exposit Kalecki's extraordinary review article of The General Theory, which unfortunately was not published in full in English until December 1982.
We have assumed a separable period utility function for convenience, and a two-good model is sufficient to exposit the ideas of interest.
The first is to exposit SRLF in detail, demonstrating that it both merits and rewards close attention.
Sections 1 and 2 exposit these ideas in a way that is applicable to central bank use of the interest rate as a policy variable.
The purpose of this appendix is to derive and exposit Shiller's approximate equation for the yield on a long-term bond.
I will also exposit the hybrid model of Gali and Gertler (1999), where a fraction of firms follow a backward-looking rule of thumb convention in setting their price.
For example, Kerr and King (1996) first used the core equations of the New IS-LM model to exposit issues involving interest rate rules for monetary policy that had arisen in my research on small, fully articulated macroeconomic models with sticky prices and intertemporal optimization (King and Watson 1996; King and Wolman 1999).