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The Appendix was Paraphrastica expositio articulorum confessionis anglicanae; there was an English translation of this section by F.
All English quotations from Aquinas' In Octo Libros Physicorum Aristotelis Expositio are from this translation.
In his Expositio in Canonem Misssae,(22) Odo comments on the sanctificas of the Per quem haec omnia of the Roman Canon.
Thomas Aquinas, Expositio Libri Peryermenias (Rome: Commissio Leonina, 1989), bk.
examines in detail Augustine's account of his own conversion in the Confessions in comparison with his early exegesis of Romans in the Expositio and with the new interpretation of the relation of faith and grace he came to in Ad Simplicianum.
Thomas Aquinas, In librum primum Aristotelis De generatione et corruptione expositio (Rome: Commissio Leonina, 1886), lect.
In this gem of a book, Hall situates Aquinas's unfinished Expositio within the framework of current issues of method.
Aquinas uses the term, "proper active principle"; see Aquinas, In duodecim libros metaphysicoram Aristotelis expositio (hereafter, "In M"), ed.
Thomae Aquinatis, Catena aurea in quatuor Evangelia, I: Expositio in Matthaeum et Marcum, ed.
of the IEEE PES Power Systems Conference and Expositio.
16) See Expositio sancti evangelii secundum Johannem 14ff.