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Often within these opening chapters, however, die reader must wade through pages of expositional material before arriving at the author's main points about Schubert's Fierrabras.
For his part, the ambassador of Bangladesh expressed his thanks and appreciation to the president for this meeting, praising the successes achieved by Yemen at the level of the political settlement in light of the expositional efforts made by President Hadi and the national political forces.
Andrew's Expositional Commentary, 9781433531750, $54.
This aims to highlight both the expositional readiness of the parables and their missional fittingness For Luke's own catechetical intention integral to the discipleship process.
Although we have suppressed the time subscript for expositional convenience, these estimates of capital income vary from year to year.
It required eliminating a lot of expositional dialogue.
Maddin] mixes black-and-white with toned sequences, mime with talking, locked-down expositional tableaux with bumpily fluid musical numbers.
Palmer has given the singers the central storytelling roles; there are some melodic elements, but much of the vocal work is expositional, with the kind of angular recitative that's typical of much contemporary opera.
For every cogent critique of an Ang Lee trope as not Chinese, or not Chinese enough, there is another voice, such as the mainland Chinese forum poster who writes that an expositional crash course in Chinese history is as needed for a generation denied history by the Cultural Revolution as for Americans ignorant of Chinese history.
If we rule out (for present expositional purposes) the possibility that judicial takings are nonexistent, then the task remains of locating the line between ordinary exercises of the judicial power and compensable judicial takings.
For expositional purposes, selecting the combination [theta] = 1.