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Both doctrines seek to restrict the expositive effects of a lower court's ruling to leave other courts, particularly those in other geographic regions, free to address issues de novo and potentially arrive at contrary conclusions.
In effect, some educational alternatives that helped us to improve the working environment were: to be precise and rigorous in the instructions for carrying out the activities, offering short and clear explanations; preparing the sessions in advance, organizing the subjects, methods and interactive situations, carefully structuring the different spaces and periods that the task demands, reduce the periods of expositive explanation and encourage orderly and active participation, ensuring the each and everybody's protagonism and offering to all adolescents involved a place for expression and attention.
L'intervention s'est traduite dans un developpement de la competence expositive par le plus grand usage de ce recours de coherence textuelle.
The method used and the conclusions drawn also serve to understand other documentaries where the interview is the main expositive tool.
"However, Noa & Meyer have never ever intended to market this and the many other racy, damaging & expositive scenes from the Home Videos," the court filing said.
descriptive, persuasive, expositive, and narrative) and many different prompts to stimulate thought (e.g., written, picture, movie, songs).
He is a practical militant who ably combines academic rigors with social praxis, and his works are defined by the necessity for Afro-Brazilians to be visible and respected through a sensitive and expositive rendering of their cultural values to the larger marginalizing social structures and communities.
Mi suerte es lo que suele deominarse poesia intelectual" (179), and his manipulation of the genre reflects the very concerns and strategies employed in his prose works, both narrative and expositive. His dramatic monologues reiterate his favorite themes and symbols and give voice to characters and historical periods repeatedly treated in his work.
As both types aim at different audiences, they vary in style, language, expositive formalities, and criteria of argument validation.
NPDB information received by the querying MTF is not intended to be expositive of the competency or qualifications of a practitioner, but to serve as a flagging or alert system to supplement existing programs for reviewing the qualifications of practitioners.
This representation, which in the present instance largely addresses the reader about the importance of following the book indications, holds a mainly expositive structure.