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Both doctrines seek to restrict the expositive effects of a lower court's ruling to leave other courts, particularly those in other geographic regions, free to address issues de novo and potentially arrive at contrary conclusions.
L'intervention s'est traduite dans un developpement de la competence expositive par le plus grand usage de ce recours de coherence textuelle.
The method used and the conclusions drawn also serve to understand other documentaries where the interview is the main expositive tool.
NPDB information received by the querying MTF is not intended to be expositive of the competency or qualifications of a practitioner, but to serve as a flagging or alert system to supplement existing programs for reviewing the qualifications of practitioners.
Last, but not least, an ad hoc corpus in the region of 220,000 words has been gathered, consisting on news-items of several mainly descriptive, expositive, even argumentative texts, the latter especially being the case of the Libertad Digital periodical, aimed at a very specific politically-biased audience.
Alas, in context of both the story and the endless stream of travelogue landscape shots of the Pyramids and Old Cairo, these scenes are swallowed whole by a general perspective -- no different than her 2005 effort "Sabah" -- that veers towards orientalism, augmented with Siddig's trite and overbearingly expositive lines that are chiefly comprised of "In Egypt, we do this, in Egypt, we do that.
Article 4 is also expositive of the general framework for the creation of the AML:
The program contained sessions on learning styles, adult learning, communication skills, didactical resources, assertivity training, interactive training methods, expositive methods, audio-visual training tools and equipment, demonstration, coaching, evaluation techniques for knowledge/skills and designing training session.
It was repeated in countless fourteenth- and fifteenth-century expositive texts that were drawn directly or indirectly from the Somme le Roi, which was itself among the most widely copied and translated works of the late middle ages.
While they refer to research to support the notion that '96% of the text found on the Internet is expositive rather than narrative,' the fact that this 1998 research is now nine years old might leave some readers wondering if such a high percentage of non-fiction texts on the web is still the case.