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This for me captured the essence of Biblical drama: Abraham, Isaac, and Moses, God, an Angel, and the Expositor stood shoulder-to-shoulder as actors, rather than as 'characters', to join with the audience in a moment of pure joy and praise.
He combined scholarship and original insight with a mordant wit and prodigious gifts as an expositor of complex ideas.
Hubo 30 participantes el ano 2008 y fui el unico expositor de esos seminarios.
El objetivo del premio era brindarle a un artista expositor menor de treinta anos la posibilidad de desarrollar el proyecto personal que considerara mas necesario para su carrera, con un premio de US$4.
Este es organizado por Paulinas OTEC y tiene como expositor al reconocido doctor en Teologia y consultor en dicasterios del Vaticano, quien ha publicado diversos libros, ensayos y articulos sobre el sacerdocio y la educacion religiosa.
Scialabba writes with marvelous fluency and conversational ease and is a gifted expositor of the ideas of friend and foe alike.
In contrast, the Expositor, a character she argues is likely a late addition, places the action in the past and explains the "true meaning" of the past to the audience, at times "correcting" the more Catholic elements of the play.
The Narrator, the Expositor and the Prompter in European Medieval Theatre
The appeal is strongly supported by Julio de Santa Ana from Uruguay, strong expositor of God's "Preferential Option for the Poor", and Ulrich Duchrow with an essay on Gandhi and Non-Violence.
Her underlying justification is that by working backwards she might uncover the important dramatic afterlife for these plays in post-Reformation England, highlighted by the presence within these plays of figures who break the fourth-wall convention to speak directly to the audience, such as the Chester plays' Expositor figure, and Herod, Judas, and Christ within the York cycle.
Varios segmentos estaran representados, entre los que destacan el metalmecanico, tecnologico y de salud", dice Christian Chiriboga, de relaciones publicas de Expo Pymes, agregando que Peru tambien participara como expositor, con empresas llevadas por el Comite de la Pequena Empresa de la Asociacion de Exportadores (Adex) del pais.
The following headlines appeared two days after the 200th anniversary of Brant's death on 24 November 2007: "One Man's Tribute to Joseph Brant' in The Brantford Expositor, and "Colonel Butler offers salute of thanks to Brant" in the Six Nations newspaper, The Tekawennake.