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Donne's description of the advantages of living knowledge, which one "may examine, controll, and expostulate, and receive satisfaction from the author," emphasizes the importance of searching, sifting, and organizing knowledge as a conversation among equals, where the authority associated with authorship is set to one side.
1 to expostulate with "prayer book" in hand, his words have little of the theatrical drive on display in 2.
CRICKETERS are said to be more intelligent than footballers and it's hard to expostulate.
I'm certain that most of us know the answer to this question, but daren't expostulate for fear of scuppering the Final Round of Talks.
We are here advised, that an Ambassador or Envoye is upon his way hither from the Sophy of Persia, to expostulate with the Czar, for that the Persians are prohibited to Trade farther in this Countrey then Astracan.
That will change nothing," he expostulates, when Bill says she will soon be back with her husband.
She expostulates against the prim and brandies a new essentialism, a credo that acknowledges the primal, that celebrates basic instincts and expands the notion of femininity.
The passage which follows, in which Rosa expostulates on her hatred of Clytie's race, and especially of Clytie, need not suggest that the "it" to which Rosa speaks is simply Clytie's "blackness.
As will become clear, however, as my discussion unfolds, the Hebraic cast of Adam's lament-where, in the process of entertaining the possibility that he will "die a living Death," Adam expostulates with God in the manner of Job-would certainly have had an influence on Tennyson's poem.
Certainly," Heisenberg expostulates, "quantum theory does not contain properly subjective features, it does not introduce the mind or the consciousness of the physicist as a part of the atomic event.
While Nussbaum expostulates on thinkers like Comte, Mill, Mozart, Abraham Lincoln, Rousseau, Tagore, Whitman, Martin Luther King Jr.