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In the West, far too many commentators expostulate about Islam who have no knowledge of Arabic.
Walker's lengthiest reflection on the regulation of the emotions is on pages 71-2, where Lord Munster pauses in his narrative to expostulate on the dangers for women of succumbing to excessive sensibility:
At that point the correspondence breaks from the routine of daily writing, and the narrator begins to expostulate almost compulsively on the work (and worth) of a writer in terms of mathematical calculation.
Today's scientists expostulate the possibility of creating a six storey subterranean complex beneath the House of Commons to provide swimming pools, gardens, hotels and sports facilities, as if MPs don't already have enough, as well as getting a 10% pay rise, while the rest of us continue to struggle to survive the politics of chaos.
IeIUm certain that most of us know the answer to this question, but dareneIUt expostulate for fear of scuppering the Final Round of Talks.
So given the fact that I won't be sent a union soapbox upon which to expostulate, I'll do so here and now.
It's as if she had distantly overheard a conversation about Rimbaud, mistook it for an exchange about "Rambo" and then proceeded to expostulate at great length about Sylvester Stallone's performance.
Psychiatrists could expostulate that this is because of the fragility of their egos, the fear of professional under achievement and the burden of masculine responsibility.
As soon as the ambassadors are gone, Polonius, saying he will not expostulate on the obvious, expostulates.
He went to Mrs McHale's house to expostulate with her when Eddie McHale attacked him.
The first book reveals the scope of Lithuanian nationals involved in the Holocaust and, in the second, the author expostulates about children's duty to take care of decrepit and ill parents.
It really irks me that we get left-wing politicians in this country," he expostulates.