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He launches into a dramatic recitative in which he expostulates on his suspicion of these men and vows to defend his lady.
Theroux expostulates at length--great length--upon the colors orange, purple, and green.
The passage which follows, in which Rosa expostulates on her hatred of Clytie's race, and especially of Clytie, need not suggest that the "it" to which Rosa speaks is simply Clytie's "blackness.
How', she expostulates, 'do we manage to subsist in this country with practically no human work to gaze on & be enthusiastic about--not even the animals & the wild flowers .
It really irks me that we get left-wing politicians in this country," he expostulates.
Certainly," Heisenberg expostulates, "quantum theory does not contain properly subjective features, it does not introduce the mind or the consciousness of the physicist as a part of the atomic event.
While Nussbaum expostulates on thinkers like Comte, Mill, Mozart, Abraham Lincoln, Rousseau, Tagore, Whitman, Martin Luther King Jr.