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Slowly its dingy wrestling vapours take the form of a hooded giant with clumsy expostulating arms" (qtd.
NEVER one to shy away from a good spleen-venting, I can often be heard expostulating at the brazen materialism of TV advertisers, particularly since the wave of `compensation culture' washed over to our shores.
One can, after all, simply substitute alternative expressions without depriving oneself of whatever satisfaction such expostulating brings.
With print as their primary source, historians proclaimed their own reality by expostulating an imperious methodology: to understand the past, one must read books.
Sir William Armstrong, the "most powerful man in Whitehall," was so paranoid that he would frequently only meet in places that were definitely not bugged, "stripp [ing] off his clothes and lay[ing] on the floor, chain-smoking and expostulating wildly about the collapse of democracy and the end of the world.
I caved, expostulating nervously about my intentions, about my desire to show a zen simplicity of understanding, blah blah blah.
Expostulating about the sacrifices they were making for the duration, the guests deplored the gas and food rationing and the fact that all the black market sources for silk stockings had dried up.
That's coming from all directions anyway - David Cameron, Al Gore, Michael Moore, Swampy - but if I'm paying pounds 150 to spend four days bog-snorkeling to a stage, I want to see half-naked people smashing it up while on fire when I get there, not expostulating on how worthy they are because the mineral water they're sipping between verses has a carbon footprint smaller than that of a gnat in fair trade bamboo sandals.
No doubt Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and others seeking issues to support their theocratic goals will soon be expostulating with pious outrage.
This becomes somewhat clearer when Legrandin first begins expostulating on the Balbec coast and makes a sideways reference to Amor, a figure of love.
Quite why anyone would be interested is beyond me, not when Fuimaono-Sapolu is expostulating on matters as varied and interesting as race relations, New Zealand politics and youth disengagement.
Instead of buying a drink at the bar and consuming it whilst having a laugh with your mates, expostulating about world peace and weighing up Town's chances for an extended cup run, those in search of an instant kick have paid four euros to use an oxy-shot machine.