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57) Milner's Expostulation is bound together with a series of tracts concerning Roman Catholic practices and doctrines (with Lingard's preface attached to them) as well as Letters Addressed to an Ecclesiastical Student, the majority of which were printed in Ireland before 1816.
thou art a figurative, a metaphorical God too") from the Expostulation to Station Nineteen, Horn argues that Donne maps himself onto the Word in order to achieve permanency, highlighting Donne's use of synonyms to speak about God as Word.
His outburst is a moral counterpart to Sejanus's later expostulation on his own fear:
34) This colouring gets expressed most obviously in Herod's expostulation that Salome, when seen beside Mariam, appears 'a sunburnt blackamoor' (4.
11) In the middle of his "Fourth of july" expostulation that preceded this sleep, Tom as narrator notes that he had lied about a particular detail (Cather 1953, 221).
The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation is an extended song that suggests sacred opera, depicting the Virgin Mary's torment when the 12-year-old Jesus is inadvertently left behind in Jerusalem.
Hopkins voiced her frustration at and disdain for such masculine behavior: "the racing man's female imitator is impervious to hint or expostulation.
What is at stake here is more clearly stated in Kames's brief discussion of apostrophe that follows the section on personification, where he observes that these two tropes cannot be dissociated from each other in two ways: for one thing, they are "derived from the same principle" (343), and for another, they tend to concur because "things inanimate, to qualify them for listening to a passionate expostulation, are not only personified, but also conceived to be present" (344).
Indeed Perceval would have been perfectly in agreement with Fanny Price and Edmund Bertram on just about everything, notably Edmund Bertram's expostulation to Mary Crawford in chapter 9 on the need for the clergy to act as moral exemplars for the country: "as the clergy are, or are not what they ought to be, so are the rest of the nation'" (93).
Wordsworth referred to it in Expostulation and Reply and Lines Left Upon a Seat in a Yew-Tree.
The empiricist strand in his view of perception is apparent in the emphasis he lays in poems like Tintern Abbey, The Prelude, Expostulation and Reply, and The Tables Turned on the vital role of the senses in binding up the human mind and heart with, and in attuning them to, the physical universe, which makes it possible for nature to exert its benefic influence on man's spiritual and moral development.
said the figure," and "'What the devil's this,' came in angry expostulation from above the collar of the figure" (75-76).