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Put another way, Donne's commitment to scriptural reference in the Expostulations, as I have just shown in the volta of Expostulation Five, is a method by which he submits himself to the reading of scripture, rather than "imitat[ing it] by learning how to observe his body as a sign.
That verse expostulation forms both an incantation, through which some "higher power" speaks, and a hollow cry that concedes the superstitious falsity of such a desire.
It is perhaps inevitable that this most elusive of thinkers has become the favorite among students who mistake the expostulations of Anti-Oedipus and A Thousand Plateaus as a release from all logical constraints.
As it was, not only did Wilhelm's ill-judged foreign policy expostulations arouse the fears of Germany's neighbours, but his fervent commitment to Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz's naval building program alienated Britain and drove it into the arms of France and Russia.
The long sentences amount to emotional expostulations.
But Shreider is a far more colorful figure, at least in the telling: someone so hotheaded in 1934 that, incensed at a superior's penchant for fabricating incidences of anti-Soviet activity, he flies into a rage, pulls out his revolver, and fires at the man's face, missing him by inches; and someone still so indignant, some 40 years later, about the actions of former colleagues that he peppers his tale with a host of unabashedly cutting expostulations, describing this NKVD leader as a cowardly "little girl who signs things," and that as a sycophantic "lackey .
Malcolm X cites the minister as follows in his expostulations against the rivalries and disruptive jealousies of NOI women: "I'd rather put all of the sisters out for bickering and go out and get a lot of prostitutes.
But on the shoulders of the four pioneers of James, Leuba, Freud, and Jung, Roberts, Allport, Fromm, and Rank were at liberty to explore the practical applications of their forebears' insights, speculations, and expostulations.
It is refreshingly free of theoretical expostulations and the latest scholarly nomenclature.
Aside from the elf's expostulations of love, the image serves as alibi against the charge of misogynistic violation.
By the end of The Finkler Question, the reader is left with the after-effects of being clobbered with expostulations and political arguments.
Considering that the expostulations and the complaints often expressed by the newspapers about this said condition of things have been ineffective.