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Exposure doses <50 [micro]g/kg/d were positively associated with body weight [MD = 0.
If the exposure dose of FA is still in the range of self compensation, it will not induce significant effects on the body.
There is essentially no variation in the exposure dose throughout the building.
A higher value of the exposure dose indicates a higher impact on occupants.
Thus, all 3 hosts (GSW farmed abalone, wild-caught juveniles and wild-caught adults) demonstrated similar mortality curves, resulting in similar cumulative mortalities for the 3 exposure doses used.
The cold shutdown is also defined by the government and TEPCO as a state in which the release of radioactive materials from reactors is under control and radiation exposure dose is significantly held down.
Researchers fear children may be more vulnerable to mobile radiation because the exposure dose received by a child's brain is higher than that of an adult.
In addition, potential dermal and inhalation exposure dose (theoretically) estimated by extrapolating air residue data showed higher value than the proposed aacceptable operator exposure level (0.
2]) must be known to determine the exposure dose or radiant exposure (Joules/[cm.
It serves as a shielding material in the collimator, which absorbs stray radiation and limits the X-ray exposure dose.
Table 1 shows how proper technique can reduce exposure dose.