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The OEHSA identifies exposure pathways for real or potential occupational and environmental health hazards (chemical, biological, and radiological) that may affect the health of deployed personnel.
Twenty-two publications investigated the paraoccupational exposure pathway, 13 with residential dust samples only, 6 with biological samples only, and 3 with both (Table 1).
The dominant exposure pathway is incidental ingestion of lead-rich soil and dust particles by hand-mouth transmission and of inhaled dust particles cleared from the respiratory tract.
The other important exposure pathway is direct ingestion of radon in water.
That was the exposure pathway study,'' Lafflam maintained.
She frequently provides expert witness testimony at regulatory hearings in the areas of exposure pathway identification, exposure modeling, and public health risks.
Since some contamination still remains at the site, a significant change in site conditions or land use could create a new exposure pathway.
Three integrated components make up this assessment: review of existing environmental and medical data, exposure pathway analysis, and toxicological analysis.
We conducted a sensitivity analysis to identify the critical model variables for total exposure and for each exposure pathway.
CONCLUSIONS: Despite uncertainties in the exposure pathway, results indicate that a combination of North American and international emissions controls with adaptation strategies is necessary to manage methylmercury risks across various demographic groups in the United States.
The importance of dust ingestion as an exposure pathway is emphasized by the significant correlation between exposure to HBCDs via dust ingestion and its concentration in serum.
Important goals for near-term biomarker research must include systematic efforts across a broad range of chemical substances to determine the reliability of biomarkers to infer the source and exposure pathway in cumulative risk assessments.