exposure to harm

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The other serious violation was issued for failing to evaluate hazards and implement necessary safeguards to minimize workers' exposure to harm, including the potential contact with overhead power lines.
The two numbers will provide guidance to children's problems and appropriate solutions to be provided by a team of psychologists and social specialists to safeguard the rights of children and to eliminate their exposure to harm and neglect, as well as to rehabilitate them to integrate them into the community.
It is now believed prosecutors are close to charging suspects with exposure to harm.
New research links pesticide exposure to harm to the structure and functioning of the brain and nervous system.
The principle implies that there is a social responsibility to protect the public from exposure to harm, when scientific investigation has found a plausible risk.
cigarettes, (2) attitudes toward the advertisement and SLT, and (3) behavioral intentions to use SLT as a result of exposure to harm reduction information.
He stressed that the Interior Ministry would not hesitate to take any action against anyone who carries out any sort of destruction or attack on any of the embassies, consulates or diplomatic missions, noting that the Vienna Treaty explicitly states the responsibility of all States to provide maximum protection and safety of all diplomatic personnel against all acts of abuse or exposure to harm.
Koh maintained that Libya represents a "virtually unique situation" in relation to past conflicts given the lack of casualties or exposure to harm for U.
As the population is faced with the rising risk of becoming a victim, "privatization and militarization of security grow as well," as "it is the desperate result of the need to adapt personal, family, social relations to the exposure to harm," it states.
A new surveillance system that minimizes soldiers' exposure to harm while providing continual observation in operating areas has been fielded in Iraq after just three weeks of design and manufacturing.
That effort was guided by Project ALERT's theoretical focus on the seriousness and salience of drug use consequences, as well as the relevance of those consequences to adolescents, their likely exposure to harm, and their developmental readiness to hear specific messages, as indicated by the focus groups and our drug prevention experience in more than 85 middle schools.
But we can be sure the actions of concerned neighbours ensured the children were spared further exposure to harm.