exposure to injury

See: peril
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Exoskeletons can significantly reduce operator fatigue and exposure to injury.
We prevent pets' exposure to injury from speeding cars and wildlife by confining them at home all day, but the result can be door darters who are under-exercised balls of energy or under-stimulated curiosity seekers.
We prevent their exposure to injury and disease, and possibly lengthen their lives.
This is especially so if you look at the broader context: exposure to injury, risk of failed recovery, and barriers to shifting into safer work or retirement.
Job classifications are set up to reflect the relative exposure to injury or disease, and rates are then established based on those classifications.
More than 22,000 military women are serving with distinction in Iraq and Afghanistan, even as they face unprecedented exposure to injury and death on what is now described as a "360-degree battlefield.
Although ceiling lift installations are indeed an added expense, running $2,000 a room or more, they potentially can pay for themselves with added staff convenience and reduced exposure to injury.
Outcome measures of interest include, but are not limited to, exposure to injury hazards, knowledge of safety and health hazards, documenting safety and health behavior change, and changes in the incidence of disease, injury, or fatality.
28) The paucity of EMF personal injury cases is caused by the absence of any conclusive scientific evidence linking EMF exposure to injury or disease.
Although a number of them still are pending in state and federal courts, the EMF plaintiffs will continue to have difficulty until a scientific study conclusively links EMF exposure to injury.
Something can be done in the interim, however, to minimize employee exposure to injury while workplaces are suitably engineered.
A better understanding of the underlying risk factors, exposure to injury and mechanisms of injury in SA football players should be promoted.