exposure to loss

See: peril
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Instead, minimizing risk and reducing clients' exposure to loss are top priorities.
The high claim outflow is expected to continue in 2010-11, although measures taken by ECGC in the past to restrict its exposure to loss making segments and higher deductibles will cushion the losses.
Most insurers have shied away from covering these suits, leaving companies with a substantial uninsured exposure to loss, "Publicity surrounding changes made to the Federal Labor Standards Act in 2004 has been a catalyst for class action lawsuits," explained John Molka III, the author of the report.
Generally the entity's exposure to loss is "the amount of the claim or assessment against the entity.
We are excited about our ability to provide a solution that creates efficiencies and better controls for our clients, enabling them to quickly identify risks and to focus on the exposure to loss rather than on order placement.
Measuring potential loss or exposure to loss requires organizations to place a dollar value on the anticipated financial repercussions should an asset be lost or its availability, integrity, or security be compromised temporarily or permanently.
Now, more than ever, management requires assurances that existing security programs will work when needed and that proposed programs will focus on abating exposure to loss.
The territorial requirements permit insurers to charge different rates if they reflect higher exposure to loss, again as long as the differences are based on sound actuarial principles.
The most conservative strategy is to exercise the option when the employee is prepared to sell the stock, which eliminates exposure to loss of the exercise price.
An insurance company will assume your exposure to loss from the death of a partner in return for an insurance premium.
It is important to note that these "credit equivalent amounts," which include both the current exposure to loss from default of a counterparty and an estimate of potential future increases in exposure, are a very small fraction of the notional values.