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Following this historic act the Assembly called upon all Member countries to publicize the text of the Declaration and "to cause it to be disseminated, displayed, read and expounded principally in schools and other educational institutions, without distinction, based on the political status of countries or territories.
While her 13-year-old brother Weston also had fun collecting the eggs with foil-wrapped chocolate coins and drops, he also expounded on the religious significance.
He traces its classical roots through Plato and Aristotle, continues with the Scholastic tradition of Aquinas and Dante, and culminates in the Neoplatonic understanding expounded by Ficino and Pico.
16, 2002 and expounded upon the company's plans for operations.
Curiously, directorial triumphs such as ``Bird'' and ``White Hunter, Black Heart,'' the first of his films to meditate on the themes explored more fully in ``Unforgiven,'' came in this same time span; ``Bird'' is expounded upon at length, while ``Hunter'' is dismissed in a sentence or two).
After sketching the humanist's early life and education, Augustijn traces Erasmus's career, illustrating his essential concerns and achievements: the studia humanitatus, to which he contributed anthologies and textbooks; the philosophia Christi, which he expounded through such diverse media as the homiletic Handbook of the Christian Soldier and the satirical Praise of Folly; pacifism, which found its most profound expression in the Complaint of Peace and pervades the protreptic Education of a Christian Prince; and biblical humanism, which applied philological methods to patristic and scriptural texts, culminating in Erasmus's bilingual, annotated edition of the New Testament.
Farnath expounded, "Here, Altschul is leading some of the most creative minds in the advertising industry to develop characters for brand-building; providing corporate clients and their campaigns a concentration of director and writer talent and experience not available anywhere else in the advertising world.
The thesis expounded in the article on Maffei's Apologeticus is complemented and reinforced by the piece on the humanists' approach to theology in the pre-Reformation era.
TARZANA - In a wide open congressional race to succeed retiring Democrat Anthony Beilenson, five candidates on Tuesday night expounded on everything from illegal immigration to Valley secession.
expounded upon the company's investment, stating, "Brighton is a fund that targets growth organizations which provide our investors the opportunity for a solid return.
It is clearly structured and expounded, comments on a vast body of literary and intellectual history with admirable economy and point, and it supports its critical arguments with a wide range of citation to both major and gratifyingly unhackneyed primary texts.
Gilat Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Yoel Gat expounded, "Already the largest VSAT network in India, the expansion to 1,750 sites should make the NSE VSAT network the largest of its kind in Asia.