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most eloquent expounders of Jewish liberation theology, has noted that
6) Indeed, her own background and experience led her to extreme conclusions like this: "Incest, murder, suicide, mania and bestiality are the chief beauties' of this infamous system, which are so glowingly alluded to by its eloquent expounders and defenders" (Wife No.
In choosing the statute (Loi) over the common law to protect their rights, as was the case in the Monarchical Age, the French abandoned the old medieval tradition of justice as sovereign expounders of the law.
One of the main expounders of this doctrine was Gershom Carmichael, who was one of Hutcheson's professors at the University of Glasgow.
Thus, the most powerful expounders of constitutions do not always sit on the bench.
Many, perhaps most, of the individual entries are of men, woman and organizations who fought valiantly against racialism in Britain, and expressed, as artists and as expounders, the validity of African--mainly West African--and West Indian culture and experience.
Under the Providence of God, our means of education are the grand machinery by which the "raw material" of human nature can be worked up into inventors and discoverers, into skilled artisans and scientific farmers, into scholars and jurists, into the founders of benevolent institutions, and the great expounders of ethical and theological science.
We may find a clue in a feature of common law thought that has sometimes puzzled modern scholars: the classical expounders of common law often said that the common law was grounded in custom, but they also said that the law was grounded in reason.
S]o numerous and complex are the laws by which the rights and duties of citizens are governed, so important is it that they should be permitted to avail themselves of the superior skill and learning of those who are sanctioned by the law as its ministers and expounders, both in ascertaining their rights in the country, and maintaining them most safely in courts, without publishing those facts, which they have a right to keep secret, but which must be disclosed to a legal adviser and advocate, to enable him successfully to perform the duties of his office, that the law has considered it the wisest policy to encourage and sanction this confidence, by requiring that on such facts the mouth of the attorney shall be for ever sealed.
Whereas the earliest rabbis served primarily as interpreters and expounders of biblical and rabbinic teachings, today's rabbis lead religious services, preach and counsel, as well as teach.
But a meaningful, reciprocal relationship could also be cultivated with the "heathen," for they had "no vain philosophy to corrupt" Christianity: "no luxurious, sensual covetous, ambitious expounders to soften its unpleasing truths.
According to the Mishnah, "all the diligent students ceased" when Simeon ben Azzai died, and "there were no more expounders (of the Torah)" when Simeon ben Zoma died (mSotah 9:15).