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They served for the Bene Israel as teachers, preachers, and expounders of the Jewish Law.
But a meaningful, reciprocal relationship could also be cultivated with the "heathen," for they had "no vain philosophy to corrupt" Christianity: "no luxurious, sensual covetous, ambitious expounders to soften its unpleasing truths.
Expounders of Christian and Islamic orthodoxies continue to be the bearers of the universalistic ideals inherent in both faiths.
Inside, the main room was full of dancers, expounders, strollers, music, and smoke.
Prominent critics of the Qing claims, perhaps most notably the US adviser to Korean King Kojong, Owen Nickerson Denny, went to great lengths to demonstrate the ways Qing claims were inconsistent with modern international law, declaring that the relationship between the Qing empire and Choson Korea was, apparently, based upon principles that "such well-known expounders as Grotius, Vattell, and Wheaton never comprehended" (Denny 1888, 24).
Thus, the most powerful expounders of constitutions do not always sit on the bench.
The authors come down hard on what they see as the most dangerous "idiots" of all, the expounders of liberation theology.
Two current expounders of this theory are the present patriarchs of Constantinople and Moscow, Bartholomex I and Alexius II.
S]o numerous and complex are the laws by which the rights and duties of citizens are governed, so important is it that they should be permitted to avail themselves of the superior skill and learning of those who are sanctioned by the law as its ministers and expounders, both in ascertaining their rights in the country, and maintaining them most safely in courts, without publishing those facts, which they have a right to keep secret, but which must be disclosed to a legal adviser and advocate, to enable him successfully to perform the duties of his office, that the law has considered it the wisest policy to encourage and sanction this confidence, by requiring that on such facts the mouth of the attorney shall be for ever sealed.
Whereas the earliest rabbis served primarily as interpreters and expounders of biblical and rabbinic teachings, today's rabbis lead religious services, preach and counsel, as well as teach.
One of the main expounders of this doctrine was Gershom Carmichael, who was one of Hutcheson's professors at the University of Glasgow.