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Professional ebXML Foundations expounds upon the ebXML Specification developed by OASIS and UN/CEFACT, an 18-month project concluded in May 2001 to develop a set of specifications for electronic business interoperability.
com) corporation is built upon the same philosophy he expounds to his audiences -- hard work, common sense, fairness, commitment and integrity.
Joseph Stevenson, vice president for Academic Affairs, expounds on the value of the netLibrary collection at Jackson State: "I am very excited about the unique opportunity that the electronic book collection provides for the university and its academic growth.
OTCBB: AUTC) expounds on ATCAdvantage, the revolutionary Internet technology system designed specifically for the diverse vehicle remarketing industry.
This is Wade presenting his LOCC(TM) seminar "Paid to Trade", and enhances and expounds on the material covered in this book, Free Stocks.
Cerf, the industry expert, expounds on the issue of user control combined with potential service improvements in the YOUpowered environment.
com) during the month of June, Galvin expounds on the benefits of business intelligence, also known as competitive intelligence.
Rather, a fully interactive forum is created where he expounds on theories, gives creative analyses, and explains the practical application of those theories.