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No, it's not one of his and fellow author Steven D Levitt's "freaky" economic theories as expounded in their best-selling book Freakonomics, or its follow up Superfreakonomics.
"Introduction: Historical Explanations of Racial Inequality" lucidly expounds the scope and value of this project.
Budd expounds a dynamic theory of relevance and describes the importance of the dialogic, phenomenological, transformative, and performative qualities of relatively inner and outer information contexts.
By drawing on Wisdom literature--Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Gospels--Milton, who alludes to those scriptural texts in his major poems, expounds a view that runs counter to the predominant historical circumstances that favor the return of monarchy to England.
This is an extremely useful volume that not only provides wonderful recipes, but also expounds on the history of four remarkable Spanish-American women.
Bacevich expounds a threefold thesis: first, that America is indeed an empire, as this term has traditionally been understood--though an indirect empire which does not need to annex states and administer them directly; second, that this imperial role, and especially its intellectual and moral underpinnings, are not a creation of the post-Cold War period but deeply rooted in American history; and third, that the basic attitudes and policies to which this gives rise have been characteristic of every U.S.
In our theory section, Charles Jencks expounds his proposition that there is a new cultural paradigm in the arts and sciences.
Heidi Schreber, is an extrapolation from the paranoiac hallucinations of Daniel Paul Schreber, whose Memoirs of My Nervous Illness (1903), the subject of a case study by Freud, expounds his mission to redeem the world by being divinely transformed into a woman.
Clark expounds variously on life insurance and its culture: he introduces his subject by contrasting the moral repugnance which insurance generated on the Continent to its easy acceptance in the free-wheeling business environment of England, where chance vied successfully with Providence.
While focusing on what accounts for the "degree" or "density" of ritual in certain societies, Bell expounds upon the typologies of Weber, Bellah, and Douglas, ultimately recasting the latter's into her own four societal "styles" of ritual action: (1) "appeasement and appeal," (2) "cosmic ordering," (3) "moral redemption," and (4) "personal spirituality" (185-90).
The paper expounds a view of simplicity and analysis recoverable from Wittgenstein's Notebooks which resolves this tension.
In The Power of Gold: History of an Obsession (John Wiley & Sons), Bernstein expounds on the enormous influence this precious metal has exerted over humankind throughout the ages.