express annoyance

See: resent
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ISLAMABAD -- Political parties came out to express annoyance against the targeted killings of Shias in several attacks, including two blasts in Quetta on Thursday that left over a 100 dead.
Sir, -Having just experienced a journey to work of approximately an hour and a half from Lichfield, I feel compelled to write to your paper on behalf of many fellow commuters to express annoyance and frustration.
The Evening Standard's Valentine Low said that Paltrow put in a particularly fine acting performance with her feet, managing ``to use her toes to express annoyance, frustration, unhappiness and a whole range of emotions that some actresses cannot manage with their faces, let alone their feet.
Visitors express annoyance that there are fewer places to stay, with no immediate prospects of improving the condition.
I wish at the outset to state that this letter is not to express annoyance at the criticism contained in the article, but to remove any misunderstanding in this regard.