express disagreement

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After the voting, the head of the parliamentary faction of Heritage party Zaruhi Postanjyan tried to express disagreement with its results.
The deputy leader's crime was to express disagreement over Kim's tree-planting policy, as well as showing "poor work performance", claim South Korea's intelligence services.
Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek summoned Russia's ambassador on Monday to express disagreement with the "unilateral, groundless and non-transparent step", his ministry said in a statement.
The best way to deal with such artistic works is to oppose and express disagreement.
Still, the political forces that demonize carbon dioxide are so well-funded and powerful that a young person aspiring to an academic career dare not express disagreement, according to Richard Lindzen of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who spoke on "Alarming Global Warming: What Happens to Science in the Public Square?
It caused anglers with on-the-water experience, conservation groups and voices like Florida Sportsman to loudly express disagreement with many of the MRFSS findings and the resulting Draconian measures.
The IRS has been having workload problems in timely responding to taxpayer or practitioner letters that provide the requested information or express disagreement with proposed adjustments.
One feeling I get from the literature is that advisory boards that engage in constructive criticism or express disagreement with program administrators are often perceived to be "effective.
Do readers have an obligation to express disagreement, or should I find something better to do than scold someone who probably knows better?
Non-voters were less likely than voters to express disagreement with Greenspan's bias proposal--44 percent vs.
Beijing on Tuesday refused to sign a declaration of a meeting of Asian mayors and governors to express disagreement over a decision to hold their 2006 meeting in Taipei, according to Jakarta Gov.